Hand held window sampling is a light weight portable system for soil sampling.  The system can use either standard window sample barrels or windowless sample barrels containing clear plastic liner.  We operate with 1 and 2m long sample barrels which are driven into the ground with a hydraulic hammer. Sample barrels range in diameter between 0.035 and 0.080m.

Hand held window sampling is ideal for investigations on restricted access sites where larger soil sampling rigs can’t be used.  This system is regularly used on Rail site investigations when working on embankments and slopes.  We will often use our electric breaker so we can operate in basements where there is limited ventilation.

Sample barrels are extruded from the ground using a hydraulic jacking system designed by this Company.  The hydraulic jacking system is significantly quicker, more efficient and safer than conventional hand jacking equipment.  With conventional window sample barrels the soil can be viewed and sub sampled through the window in the barrel.

The holes can either be reinstated with concrete, blacktop or a stopcock cover if an installation is required.